1000 reasons to be excited about sport in Brimbank

Brimbank's In2Sport Program approves 1000th application


Brimbank City Council has just approved its 1000th In2Sport program application! This means we've been able to successfully support 1000 sporting opportunities for young people in Brimbank.

In2Sport, which was launched in 2013, provides opportunity for children living in Brimbank to actively participate in sport and recreation, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Through the program Council is able to support young people who may otherwise not have been able to afford to get involved with local sports, to actively participate.

And the people of Brimbank have wholeheartedly put their support behind the program.

In fact, the In2Sport program has proven so popular amongst the community that Council had to reduce the recent application period for winter and year round sports based on the high number of applications.

Under the In2Sport program, applicants are eligible for up to $200 financial assistance to contribute to club fees, provided children are aged between 6 and 18 years, live in Brimbank and whose family holds either a Health Care Card or Pension Concession Card.

Applicants can receive up to 75 per cent of membership costs, with a maximum of $200 per child per year. These fees are passed on directly to the sports clubs through Brimbank City Council.

For more information on the Brimbank In2Sport Program visit or call 9249 4000.