$1.3 million soccer pavilion for Ardeer


Ardeer Reserve will soon be the home of a brand new $1.3 million soccer pavilion, which is being built to benefit the many people in Ardeer involved in soccer activities now and into the future.

Brimbank Mayor Cr John Hedditch said Council has awarded a contract to demolish the old pavilion and change room block that was in a poor condition, and to replace it with a new sports pavilion that meets community needs.

“The new pavilion is a win for residents of Ardeer and its surrounds.

“Sport and recreation is important to our community, and this project will deliver the kind of soccer facility Ardeer needs.

Part of Sports Facility Development Plan

“The need for this facility upgrade was identified in the Sports Facility Development Plan, which contains a comprehensive strategy for the management and development of sport and recreation facilities in Brimbank. The plan identifies Brimbank’s sports facility development needs till 2021, and provides direction on how best to manage the identified provision gaps.

“The brand-new soccer pavilion at Ardeer Reserve is being built to Council standards to meet the needs of the community. It will also have two change rooms, a social room, associated amenities, umpires room, a first aid room, storage rooms and public amenities.

Contribution from Westgate Soccer Club

The project is being funded by Council through its Capital Works Program and a contribution of $150,000 from Westgate Soccer Club.

“The new pavilion is important because it provides the Westgate Soccer Club with a modern home that meets their needs as well as those of the wider community.

“Council had consulted key stakeholders about user requirements of the new sports pavilion, and the feedback received is reflected in the design for the new pavilion.

“Construction work is expected to commence in February 2017, and be completed by September/October 2017,” Cr Hedditch said.

The contract decision for the development of the new pavilion was approved by Council at a Council Meeting held on 13 December 2016. The decision was taken following a tender process in which Melbcon Pty Ltd was evaluated as the preferred tenderer for the tendered amount of $1,397,419.91 (excluding GST).

Through the Sports Facility Development Plan, since 2012 Council has strategically invested in more than $23million of sports-related projects and maintenance.