88 new classes at Brimbank Leisure Centres


Be Active Brimbank! Classes for all ages and fitness levels leaves no excuse to Be Active!

‘Be Active Brimbank’ and check out the new timetable of activities at Sunshine and St Albans Leisure Centres 88 new classes now available.

There's programs that suit all ages, interests and fitness levels. Download the new fitness timetables at Sunshine or St Albans Leisure Centre.

Group Fitness
There's a solid variety of Group Fitness classes such as Body Pump and Body Balance. There's Freestyle Training featuring Zumba sessions and Boxing Circuit.


Cardio Classes
Cardio workouts keep hearts active and healthy. There more than 40 different cardio classes on offer across both leisure centres.

The centres also offer a number of strength classes. Stronger muscles, particularly in the abdominal area, can help with back pain and assist in more comfortable movement and overall wellness.

All Ages
Classes designed specifically for older residents include a walking group, Tai Chi, aqua aerobics, and many more.

Go It Alone
For those who prefer to go it alone in pursuing their fitness goals, the centres also boast a wide range of cardio and pin-loaded strength equipment, a free weights area and a stretching area.

Memberships and Free 7 Day Trials
There are a range of membership options on offer, and residents are invited to sign up for a seven day guest trial pass.