9 Reasons Why Your Family Should Choose Brimbank Family Day Care

Choosing the right child care for your family is an important decision. It can sometimes be difficult one too. Have you considered Family Day Care?


The Brimbank Family Day Care Scheme is a Brimbank City Council run service and is a great alternative to centre-based child care.

Here are some reasons why you should consider Brimbank Family Day Care:

1. Affordability - Brimbank Family Day Care is an approved child care service which means you can claim Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate as reduced fees.

2. In home care - Your child will be cared for in the home of a qualified Brimbank Family Day Care Educator.

3. Small groups - Brimbank Family Day Care Educators care for small groups of children, not exceeding seven children in total up to the age of 13.

4. Flexibility – Brimbank Family Day Care provides full time, part time and casual care. Overnight and weekend care is also available if necessary.

5. Quality care - Brimbank Family Day Care Educators are recruited by, and regularly monitored by, Brimbank City Council to ensure quality of care.

6. Close to home - Brimbank Family Day Care has Educators providing care across the municipality.

7. Care for school-aged children - Brimbank Family Day Care Educators provide care for children from birth to 13 years, which means before and after school care, and school holiday care is taken care of.

8. Build a relationship – With just one Educator caring for your child on a regular basis, you and your child will get to build a relationship with your Brimbank Family Day Care Educator in no time.

9. Diversity – Brimbank Family Day care Educators represent diverse cultural backgrounds.

For more information on the Brimbank Family Day Care Scheme call 9249 4000.