A vision for Sunshine's premier 'main street' - Hampshire Road Master Plan

A vision for the evolution of Sunshine’s premier ‘main street’, Hampshire Road, has been cemented with the adoption of the Hampshire Road Master Plan 2014.

This master plan will guide Council in the redevelopment of Hampshire Road into a unique and vibrant destination, where walking, cycling and public transport will be encouraged as main modes of transport.

The master plan responds to the vision outlined in the Sunshine Town Centre Structure Plan, and to the needs of residents, workers and visitors now and into the future.

It emphasises the importance of connecting major public sector infrastructure investment in the town centre, the new station, with the new Brimbank Community and Civic Centre, two major shopping centres, new multi-level apartments and Victoria University.

The input provided by the community, businesses and key stakeholders has been very important in the development of the Hampshire Road Master Plan.

Through the consultation process it was identified that the top priorities people wanted to see were more trees and landscaping, green lawns, seating, outdoor dining and shared zones, as well as greater emphasis on safety and lighting, and addressing concerns about car parking.

All of the feedback has been used to develop this strategic document.

The detailed design of Hampshire Road will be undertaken in multiple stages over coming years with stage one, between Devonshire Road and Dickson Street, to be constructed in early 2015 at a cost of more than $676,000.

The future of the Sunshine Town Centre is one of continual growth, supported by the recent announcement by the Victorian Government that Sunshine will play an integral role in thefuture growth of the Western Region as a Metropolitan Activity Centre in Plan Melbourne.

The implementation of the Hampshire Road Master Plan will contribute to the realisation of the Sunshine Rising town centre management and revitalisation program, established by Council to deliver its vision for the Sunshine Town Centre.