Aboriginal art to feature at Sunvale Community Park


Local Aboriginal artists will create a series of artworks to illustrate Wurundjeri culture within Brimbank as part of a new installation to be created for Sunvale Community Park in Sunshine.

Brimbank artists Mandi Barton and Lee Anne Clarke will create five fire-pit shaped vessels representing the five universal elements – spirit, air/wind, water, earth, and fire – to be used as seating around Sunvale’s circuit path.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Margaret Giudice said Council was honoured to be able to represent Wurundjeri culture within Sunvale Community Park through the work of these artists.

“Council is thrilled that artwork illustrating the Wurundjeri culture will become a permanent part of this important park.

“These artworks will be a key feature of the park – providing an opportunity for visitors to reflect on elements of Aboriginal culture as they move around the park,” Cr Giudice said.

Representing the Elements

The five artworks will each represent a separate element:

  • Spirit: Bunjil is the eagle representing spirit, religion and creation stories.
  • Air/wind: a whirlwind is the connection between spirit, air and land.
  • Water: Representing the many waterways through Brimbank.
  • Earth: Yam Daisies were an abundant food source for local Aborigines across Brimbank.
  • Fire: The fire pit represents all ceremonies past and present.

Council opened the skate park within Sunvale Community Park in March this year. Construction of the remainder of the park is expected to finish in mid-2018.

The artworks will feature interpretive signage and expected to be completed and installed in late 2018.

Once completed, the park will include play spaces (including water play), a large, green ‘kick-a-ball’ space, a large shelter for gatherings and events, BBQ facilities, edible garden and more.

All existing trees will be kept and new large shade trees will be planted.

Sunvale's Funding

The $3.65 million Sunvale Community Park was funded by Brimbank City Council ($800,000), the Victorian Government ($2.6 million), and Melbourne Water $150,000. The Victorian Government supported the development of the skate park by providing $100,000 through the 2017-18 Community Sports Infrastructure Fund.

Sunvale Community Park is being developed under Council’s Creating Better Parks Policy and Plan. The investment by Council and the Victorian Government in Sunvale Community Park continues the positive impact that Creating Better Parks is having in Brimbank.