Appearances Count: In Business, Presentation is Everything


Today’s customers are smart, savvy and no longer loyal. Businesses need to up their game to keep and win new business while also contributing positively to the image and identity of the Sunshine Town Centre.

Customers notice outdoor furniture, product displays and store lighting. In continuing to attract customers to the town centre, all traders should ensure that their merchandising and outdoor furniture is contributing positively to the appearance of their business.

Improvements may include painting, removal of redundant signs, replacement of solid roller shutters, window merchandising and upgrading to commercial standard footpath furniture including use of commercial sand weights rather than water containers.

Investing in these improvements not only helps your businesses but also the overall perceptions of the town centre.

For advice on how to improve your shop fronts, outdoor furniture and in-store displays contact the Sunshine Place Manager on 9249 4368. Or read the Keep Sunshine Beautiful brochure.