Art beats at the heart of our community

Arts and culture are important to Brimbank City Council and its community. There is an extensive program of community art classes, art spaces available for artists to use as studios and public art works in Brimbank.

Art is an important part of flourishing communities

Public works of art enrich communities by representing the underlining meaning and purpose of a public setting. They can also provide scope for social reflection and cultural identification.

Works can trigger community pride and creatively engage an individual’s sense of place or well-being within society.

Importantly, it can have a social impact by transforming the perception of a locale and encouraging regeneration through the enhancement of space.

Brimbank City Council’s overall vision for Public Art is to enhance and activate public spaces and community facilities. This is achieved with contemporary site-specific works that creatively reflect aspects of the area’s unique heritage, attributes of its local neighbourhoods and the aspirations of its communities.

Visit one of Council’s Art Spaces in Keilor, Deer Park or Sunshine to see what kind of art projects are bubbling away in Brimbank. The addresses are available on the ‘public art and spaces’ on the Brimbank City Council’s website

Public art works are located in St Albans and will soon be launched in Sunshine!

Artist Col Henry’s work “Reflexio Qualis” will be launched in Sunshine later this year, it consists of three installations that will literally ‘reflect’ the community of Sunshine.

The works are made of polished stainless steel that will reflect or relate to anyone who interacts with them.

It will be located in Sunshine in the vicinity of the railway station near City Place; the bus interchange and Hampshire road.

Col Henry worked with schools and businesses to develop symbols that were etched into small stainless steel panels and attached to the installations.

Col is an experienced sculptor and dedicated teacher, with a commitment to public art. His sculptures have featured in several documentaries including ABC’s Artscape, he was a guest artist at Sculpture by the Bay in 2004 and 2005, and holds an array of Art and Education related qualifications.

Stay tuned to find out when the launch will take place. Visit for more information.