Artist Adds Dimensions Through the Looking Glass

Wool and Water Exhibition at Sunshine Art Spaces

Those who enjoyed Lewis Carroll’s book of Alice’s adventures in Through the Looking Glass will be thrilled by Shane van den Akker’s exhibition at Sunshine Art Spaces in Sunshine.

The exhibition Wool and Water engages you through ‘anamorphic illusion’ and will run from Wednesday 19 August to Sunday 13 September.

Anamorphic illusion refers to a concept where objects take on an additional dimension, depending on where a person stands when viewing the artwork.

Artist Shane van den Akker has taken a scene out of Through the Looking Glass as the backdrop for his anamorphic illusion.

The exhibition will turn the entire Sunshine Art Spaces gallery into a single large-scale art piece, using the techniques of mural painting and trompe l’oeil (use of visual illusion).

The installation seeks to address ideas of perspective and “stepping outside of a personal point of view to gain a new understanding of a concept or object”.

The underlying point of the artwork is the breakdown of walls and a reconsideration of view-points, both physically and conceptually. This creates a sense of playfulness and involvement with the work.

The exhibition is part of the Brimbank City Council’s Writers and Readers Festival program of events.

There will be a closing night ceremony on Sunday 13 September that will feature a live poetry reading by Melbourne-based poet, Steve Smart.

Wool and Water,
Wednesday 19 August - Sunday 13 September

Sunshine Art Spaces Gallery
2 City Place

Exhibitions can be viewed every day 10am - 4pm. Closing event Sunday 13 September, 3 - 6pm

The event will feature Steve Smart and a live poetry reading.