Be alert this fire season. Make your property fire-safe & ready

Despite the recent cool spell, Victoria remains on alert for another active fire season this year, and Council is reminding Brimbank residents to make sure their properties are as fire-safe and fire-ready as possible.

Council is calling on all residents to identify their risk, clean up their properties and get involved in local fire preparation activities if they haven’t already done so.

Council has recently also written to all vacant landowners reminding them to keep their properties neat and tidy and fire-safe.

Here are some of the things that you should do:

  • Keep grass cut
  • Reduce “fine fuels” – including long, dry grass and fallen leaves and twigs
  • Clear away dead undergrowth and fallen branches
  • Move wood piles away from the home
  • Clean leaves from gutters
  • Place weather stripping around doors and windows
  • Close underfloor spaces and seal all gaps where embers could enter
  • Ensure access to adequate water supplies, have hoses and sprinkler system on the ready.

Residents are also reminded to seek advice from their fire-fighting agency and find out what CFA/MFB activities are in their area.

Get more fire-ready information from the Country Fire Association.

Report any suspicious fire activity you may witness
Arson is a serious crime and has a very negative impact on the community, because it has the potential to injure or kill people, cause significant financial loss, and destroy property as well as the environment.

If you witness suspicious behaviour, report it in by calling Triple Zero (000).