Beat the Bite! Get the Facts on Mozzies


There are simple ways you can Beat the bite! and protect yourself and your family.


Protect Yourself

Wear loose-fitting clothing when outdoors

  • Mosquitoes can bite through tight-fitting clothes.
  • Make sure cuffs around ankles and wrists are firm.

Use effective mosquito repellents on exposed skin

  • Products containing picaridin or DEET are the most effective. The greater the strength, the longer the duration of protection.
  • Use repellents according to the product label, and reapply frequently, particularly after swimming, showering or heavy sweating.


Protect Babies and Small Children

  • Use mosquito repellents safely and follow the instructions on the product label.
  • Never allow young children to apply their own repellent.
  • Choose a lower strength repellent (no more than 20 per cent picaridin or DEET) and apply a thin, even layer as required.
  • Cover their skin as much as possible.
  • Dress them in loose fitting clothes.
  • Drape mosquito nets over prams, strollers and infant carriers, ensuring there are no gaps.


Mosquito-proof Your Holiday

Ensure your accommodation is mosquito‑proof

  • Check that your accommodation, including caravans, are fitted with well maintained fly screens.
  • Use mosquito nets in tents and cabins.

Don’t forget to pack repellent and long, loose clothing

  • Check you’ve packed plenty of mosquito repellent containing picaridin or DEET.
  • Take long, loose-fitting clothes for all the family, including the kids.
  • Take some mosquito coils or repellent candles – they can be effective in small outdoor areas.


Mosquito-proof Your Home

Try to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home

  • Maintain fly screens on windows, doors and vents.
  • Use ‘knockdown’ sprays, plug-in “zapper” vaporisers or mosquito coils.
  • Ceiling or floor fans can reduce mozzies.
  • Remember, try to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home in the first place!

Remove stagnant water so mosquitoes can’t breed

  • Remove disused pots and tyres.
  • Cover or overturn trailers, wheelbarrows, boats and tools.
  • Clean gutters and drains and mend leaking taps.
  • Change pet drinking bowls, bird baths and vase waters at least once a week.
  • Put sand around the base of pot plants.
  • Keep swimming pools well maintained or empty.
  • Keep fish ponds tidy with minimal vegetation.
  • Keep lawns and gardens trimmed back.

Check your rainwater tank or water storage devices

  • Water tanks must be completely sealed. Check lids, covers and inlet pipes for any gaps.
  • Fit removable screen mesh to the outlet end of overflow pipes and to all inlets.
  • Make sure any water collection containers have secure lids or screens.

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