Become a Member of the Brimbank Community Fund Advisory Committee


The Brimbank Community Fund Advisory Committee needs three members with diverse skills, experience and a passion for Brimbank's community.

Brimbank Community Fund Advisory Committee - Calling for New Members
Do you have strong links to the Brimbank community? Are you passionate about representing community views? The Brimbank Community Fund Advisory Committee is seeking three additional members with diverse skills and experience but a shared passion for the Brimbank community.

Women, Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse community leaders, and people aged under 25 are strongly encouraged to apply.

The pack contains more details about the skills and attributes that help to make a great committee member. But remember – we’re looking for diverse skills and experience, so you only need to address two of the selection criteria.

Expressions of interest close on Thursday 14 April. Interviews with prospective committee members will take place from 26-29 April with new members to be welcomed in May.

The committee is currently updating its Terms of Reference (50KB) and Charter (197KB), (currently in draft form) for potential committee members.

Why We Exist
The Brimbank Community Fund is a charitable fund account of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation. The fund exists to provide a permanent and growing source of much-needed investment for the Brimbank community.

These funds are used to support charities working in Brimbank. We tackle priority issues and contribute to Brimbank’s vision as a proud, diverse, and connected community.