Better lifelong learning prospects for Brimbank


Brimbank City Council has a new Lifelong Learning Strategy to provide a framework for Council and its partners to improve learning outcomes for Brimbank residents and to drive positive social and economic change.

The Brimbank Lifelong Learning Strategy 2018-2023 was adopted at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 18 September, following the release of the draft strategy to the community in July-August this year.

Mayor of Brimbank, Cr Margaret Giudice reiterated that lifelong learning is integral to building a prosperous community.

“Lifelong learning recognises that learning occurs continuously throughout life. It helps people become more resilient and respond to ever-changing cultural, social and economic circumstances by developing their skills, knowledge and capacity.

“Lifelong learning supports both individual success and community strengthening.

“The strategy is further complemented by life wide learning – which recognises that learning can occur simultaneously in all learning contexts including the home, community, workplace and institutions; whether it be formal or informal settings – and how this can be a beneficial way of learning.

A long term vision for lifelong learning

“The Lifelong Learning Strategy reinforces Council’s long term vision to create a community of lifelong learners and will help us support learning in all life stages – beginning at birth, the early years, school years, young people, adults and later life.

“The strategy is underpinned by Brimbank’s Social Justice Charter, which commits Council to the principles of access, equity, community participation and human rights.

“In other words, the strategy is about making sure appropriate and high quality education, training and learning resources are available to all in Brimbank. These learning resources are particularly important to those who face barriers in engaging with learning,” Cr Giudice said.

Brimbank’s Lifelong Learning vision is to foster a community of lifelong learners in Brimbank by empowering people to take control of their lives, build aspirations, enhance employability and quality of life and achieve this by working alongside partner organisations and the community.

“I wholeheartedly standby that vision,” the Mayor concluded.

Read the Brimbank Lifelong Learning Strategy 2018-2023.