Brimbank acting against Ravenhall tip expansion


Mayor of Brimbank, Cr John Hedditch has declared that Brimbank City Council stands with its community and the people of the West in its opposition to any expansion of the Ravenhall tip. 

“We are appalled that EPA Victoria recently granted a works approval for this huge expansion of Melbourne Regional Landfill until 2038, in the neighbouring municipality of Melton.

“Brimbank City Council has serious concerns regarding the proposed expansion of the Ravenhall Tip because of the potential risks this poses to the health and wellbeing of the people of Brimbank and Melton and the long term liveability of these areas.

Council Lodges Application for Review

“Brimbank City Council has lodged an application at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, for review of the EPA Victoria’s works approval for the massive 96 hectare expansion of the southern portion of the landfill site. This area has the capacity of 23 million cubic metres of airspace to be filled with garbage.

“Our community is being dumped on and the underlying attitude simply stinks. We’re going to do our best to fight the massive 96 ha expansion of the Ravenhall tip.

“On behalf of our community and the West, we’re calling on the State Government to do the right thing and reject any plan to extend a rubbish tip that already has a heap of existing problems.

“Brimbank Council is writing to again urge the Minister for Planning to refuse the planning permit associated with the proposed massive tip expansion.

“It will write to the Premier to urge the Victorian Government to develop a more contemporary Victorian Waste Policy that incorporates a zero waste to landfill target and in doing so eventually stop the dumping spree on Melbourne’s West.

Council Shares Community Concerns about Health

“The communities of Albanvale, Deer Park, Derrimut and others across Brimbank and Melton are concerned about the long term liveability of their suburbs and their health and wellbeing with the size of the expansion and the proximity of the landfill to residential properties.

“Council shares these concerns as landfills by their very nature can cause environmental and social problems, through dust, odour, vermin, huge bird flocks and bird dung, leachate and ongoing landfill gas emissions which remain in the ground for significant periods.

“The high winds and elevated location of the Ravenhall site could worsen problems of litter being blown from the landfill and impacting on the surrounding community with no effective means of addressing this situation.

“Over the past two years there have been issues with the current operation including dust, litter, odour emissions and breaches which have required Pollution Abatement Notices. What confidence can we have that this will not continue, and become worse, over the life of an expanded facility being run by Cleanaway when it has shown it cannot manage its smaller existing tip properly? We have been dumped on enough.

“The reliance on Melbourne’s west for the disposal of metropolitan waste is unacceptable, and only further exacerbates traffic, road safety and congestion issues, which are already at intolerable levels.

“Trucks are coming from as far away as Dandenong and Mt Martha transfer stations and queuing on the Ring Road and ramps to get into the existing tip. The recent truck rollover on Christies Road adjacent to the tip site and the new Caroline Springs Railway Station demonstrated the folly of this massive tip expansion proposal and the significant risks it poses to local residents and commuters.

Look to Sustainable Alternatives for the Future

“We believe Victoria needs to look to the future and find innovative sustainable alternatives to landfilling. Extending the life of the Ravenhall landfill till 2038 will hold Victoria back, and continue to subject the people of the west to significant environmental and amenity problems.

“In an era of innovation it is hard to believe that the Victorian Government would enable old fashioned waste disposal, which hasn’t altered since the 1950s, and is inconsistent with contemporary international standards,” Cr Hedditch said.

Brimbank Council is seeking the State Government’s immediate investment in sustainable resource recovery and waste treatment as an alternative to landfill expansion in Melbourne’s West.

”This investment could be funded through the Victorian Sustainability Fund, which has been substantially paid for by local government through the landfill levy. We understand this fund has raised approximately $400 million,” Cr Hedditch said.

The Ravenhall Landfill site is approximately 1.5 kilometres from residential buildings in Brimbank.