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• Keep Your Property Fire Safe

• Brimbank Votes

• Brimbank Australia Day Awards 

• Carols at the Castle 2015

• Brimbank Seniors Groups Grants

• Setting Financial Strategy Seminar


Keep Your Property Fire Safe

With Victoria likely to see a more active fire season than last year, it's very imporatnt to get your property as fire-safe and fire-ready as possible.

All residents should identify their risks, clean up their properties and get involved in local fire preparation activities.

In preparation for the coming season Council officers will inspect all vacant properties and remind landowners to keep their properties neat and tidy and fire-safe.

Ways to Safeguard Your Property

  • Keep grass cut to no longer than 150mm.
  • Clear away dead undergrowth and fallen branches.
  • Reduce “fine fuels” – including long, dry grass and fallen leaves and twigs.
  • Move wood piles away from the home.
  • Clean leaves from gutters.
  • Place weather stripping around doors and windows.
  • Close underfloor spaces and seal all gaps where embers could enter.
  • Ensure access to adequate water supplies, such as tanks and dams, and install a sprinkler system around the home.

Hoarding increases the risk of fire for both occupant and fire-fighters because:

  • the accumulation of possessions results in an abnormally high fuel load and greater opportunity for ignition;
  • blocked exits and narrow internal pathways impede escape for the occupant and access for fire-fighters; and
  • non-functional gas or electricity may result in unsafe practices for cooking and heating.

Visit Country Fire Authority for more information on how to get fire-ready.

Also report any suspicious fire activity you witness by calling triple zero (000).

Arson is a serious crime and has the potential to injure or kill people, cause significant financial loss, and destroy property as well as the environment.


Brimbank Votes

There less than a year to go until the Brimbank City Council elections will be held on Saturday 22 October 2016.

It will be your responsibility to elect Councillors for the first elected Brimbank Council after a seven-year period of administration.

Eleven elected Councillors will form the Council, which will be responsible for making decisions in the best interests of the Brimbank community, considering both the immediate and long term impacts.

The election will be conducted by postal vote.

If you will be 18 years or over on election day, are an Australian citizen and you live or are a ratepayer in Brimbank, then you will be eligible to vote.

To vote, you must be enrolled with the Victorian Electoral Commission. Visit the Victorian Electoral Commision or phone 131 832 to confirm your enrolment.

Interested in Standing for Council?
If you’re interested in becoming a Councillor you need to be:

  • 18 years or over on election day;
  • an Australian citizen; and
  • enrolled as a resident or ratepayer of the City of Brimbank.

Key responsibilities of the Council are in the areas of:

  • strategic planning for the whole municipality and a sustainable future
  • advocacy on a broad range of issues
  • coordination with other spheres of government, the private sector, non-government and community sectors
  • facilitation of community participation
  • employment of the Chief Executive Officer.

A key responsibility of individual Councillors is to represent all citizens of the city and to participate in decision-making by the Council.

Information Sessions For Interested Candidates
The Victorian Local Governance Association will conduct candidate information sessions on behalf of Brimbank City Council for individuals interested in becoming a Councillor.

Sessions will take place in November 5, 9, 16 and 20. For details of the sessions, including times and venues, visit Brimbank Votes or phone 9249 4000 to register for sessions.

The session will be presented again in March 2016.

The sessions will be delivered in two parts (four hours each).

  • Part A – Should I be a Candidate?
    Potential candidates will be led through the essentials of local government and good governance. This session will tackle questions including:
    • What is local government?
    • What is the role of Councillor?
    • Is the role of Councillor for me?
  • Part B – How do I become a candidate?
    This session is designed to educate candidates or those looking to support candidates through the election process. Supported by the Victorian Electoral Commission, it will highlight the legal requirements of candidacy – and provide hands on, practical experience around campaigning. This session will tackle questions including:
    • What do I need to know to be a candidate?
    • What are the legal requirements I need to be aware of as a candidate?
    • What do my supporters need to know to assist me?

For more information about the elections and standing for Council, visit Brimbank Votes


Brimbank Australia Day Awards 

Each year, Council celebrates Australia Day by honouring local people and organisations that make a difference to our community.

If you know an inspiring individual or a community group who deserve to be awarded for their outstanding contribution to Brimbank, nominate them for a 2016 Brimbank Australia Day Award!

These awards celebrate our community heroes both great and modest.

The 2016 award categories are:

  • Citizen of the Year
  • Young Citizen of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Community Wellbeing
  • Environmental Achievement
  • Cultural Achievement
  • Essential Services Excellence
  • Educator of the Year

Nominating is easy! Just complete a simple form available online. For more information visit our Australia Day on Brimbank Buzz page.

Winners will be recognised at a celebratory event in January 2016. Nominations close on 27 November 2015.


Carols at the Castle 2015, Sunday 20 December, 7–9pm 

Now in its third year, Carols at the Castle is a much-anticipated outdoor, family-friendly event set in the beautiful gardens of Overnewton Castle.

This year's impressive line-up of festive music features traditional carols, local performers and guest artists who will bring the magic of the season to youbank.

Tickets are available and selling fast! Get your tickets now!

Overnewton Castle
51 Overnewton Road


Brimbank Seniors Groups Grants

Brimbank seniors groups have until Friday 6 November 2015 to apply for a 2015/2016 Brimbank Seniors Groups Grant. There are two grant categories:

  • The Seniors Establishment Grant where new and emerging seniors groups can apply for a one-off grant of up to $750 to assist with the costs of becoming incorporated, public liability insurance and general running costs.
  • The Seniors Operation Grant, which offers up to $600 to registered seniors groups for day-to-day operating costs of their groups.

Grant Guidelines and an Application Form will be sent to registered seniors groups.

For more information or an application form call Council’s Seniors Development and Coordination Officer on 9249 4788.


Setting Financial Strategy Seminar, Wednesday 11 November, 6–8pm

Do you know how to align your finances to your overall strategic business objective? Budgets and forecasts are integral to the success of a business.

This seminar explains the difference between a budget and a forecast; the key elements to a good financial strategy; and how to develop an effective profit and loss budget and cash flow forecast that can effectively assist businesses to evaluate and monitor the strategic objectives of the business.

Cost: $20

Where: 704B Old Calder Highway, Keilor

Bookings: or phone 9249 4413