Brimbank calls on power players to shed light on outages


Brimbank City Council will call on the Essential Services Commissioner and power distribution providers in the City of Brimbank to hold a community forum to explain ongoing power outages in the area.

Mayor of Brimbank, Cr Margaret Giudice said Council wants an explanation as to why power outages continue to happen in Brimbank.

“Our community has been putting up with frequent and often prolonged power outages for the past several years. Enough is enough.

“We’re calling on the Essential Services Commissioner and power distribution providers in Brimbank to explain to Council and the community why this keeps on happening, and what they plan to do about it,” the Mayor said.

A Notice of Motion outlining Council’s concerns with recent power outages in Brimbank was tabled at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 20 February.

In moving the motion, Cr John Hedditch said it was unacceptable to expect the community to go for long periods without power, especially during the hot summer months.

“During the recent heatwave in January, there were areas of Brimbank that lost power for multiple days.

“These outages are impacting on the health and safety of the vulnerable members of our community.

“It also has severe implications for industries and local businesses in terms of economic loss,” Cr Hedditch said.

In writing to the commissioner and power providers, Council has asked for a community forum to:

  • Explain why the power outages are occurring, and have been occurring for many years
  • Detail power distribution companies’ plans to mitigate power outages in future, and
  • Outline the level of investment in local power infrastructure in Brimbank, compared to other local government areas, given the level of power outages experienced in Brimbank.