Brimbank Community and Civic Centre Retains Name


The new Brimbank Community and Civic Centre being constructed at 301 Hampshire Road, Sunshine will continue to be known by its current name.

Following the results of a community consultation process, Chair of Brimbank Administrators John Watson said that Council had determined not to proceed with the proposed name of ‘Brimbank House’ as the name did not receive widespread community support.

“This is an important civic asset for the Brimbank community and it is only fitting that the community has their say on its name,” Mr Watson said.

“The majority of submissions that Council received as part of the formal community consultation process indicated that the proposed name ‘Brimbank House’ has not received wide community support.

“Comments on social media also indicated that ‘Brimbank House’ is not a preferred name.

“Council has listened to the community, and decided not to proceed with the name.

“Instead, the new centre will continue to be known by its long-standing name of ‘Brimbank Community and Civic Centre’.

“During the planning and construction process, the community knew the building as the ‘Brimbank Community and Civic Centre.’

“The ‘Brimbank Community and Civic Centre’ name also did have broad support in some formal submissions and social media comments.

“It therefore makes sense that this name be retained,” Mr Watson said.

The ‘Brimbank Community and Civic Centre’ name complies with the Guidelines for Geographic Names 2010.

Council will request the Registrar for Geographic Names to approve the name ‘Brimbank Community and Civic Centre’ as a long-standing name for the new community and civic centre, and will request that the name be registered and gazetted.

The new building is progressing well and is proposed to open to the community on Monday 25 July.