Brimbank Council welcomes discussion on public transport needs


Brimbank Council has welcomed the ideas and discussion the Victorian Government’s vision for a Suburban Rail Loop has generated about meeting the long term public transport needs of suburban communities, including those in Melbourne’s growing west.

Brimbank Council Deputy Mayor, Cr Daniel Allan said the State’s vision for the transformation of Melbourne’s rail network had generated much needed debate about how to best tackle Melbourne’s public transport needs into the future.

Advocating for improvements to public transport has been a priority for Brimbank Council for some time.

“We recently welcomed the Victorian Premier’s $5 billion commitment to make the Melbourne Airport Rail Link a reality with a route through Sunshine – matching the commitment of the Federal Government.

“We know building the Melbourne Airport Rail Link with a stop in Sunshine at a new Sunshine Super Hub, connecting regional and metro trains, will strengthen Brimbank and the entire West of Melbourne.

“Brimbank is the heart of Melbourne’s west – a region that will be the size of Adelaide by the 2030s. We experience daily the impacts of the significant growth around us and the challenges for people living in the west, who can spend up to two to four hours a day in their cars, stuck in traffic, just to get to their jobs.

“We have an important role to play in ensuring Brimbank is a connected city, which is critical for improving liveability for the community and driving economic development.

“We’ve been advocating for greater investment in public transport and road infrastructure in Melbourne’s West.

“We’ve aligned our transport priorities with the Victorian Government blueprint for growth, Plan Melbourne, which aims to make the 20-minute a reality for ‘living local’.

“To achieve this, we need improvements across all modes of transport, including roads, public transport and infrastructure to encourage people to walk and cycle.

“We’re working hard to deliver an integrated network that considers all transport modes to meet current and future growth in Brimbank and surrounding areas.

“Brimbank Council would welcome any opportunity to contribute to planning for future improvement to the public transport network as they relate to Brimbank,” Cr Allan said.

Sunshine is a Metropolitan Activity Centre, and part of the Emerging National Employment and Innovation Cluster,designated in Plan Melbourne.

Brimbank Council’s recently adopted Brimbank Transport Priorities Paper 2018 identifies issues and proposes solutions to improve transport infrastructure in and around Brimbank. The paper was developed to guide Brimbank’s transport advocacy.

Brimbank Council has been advocating to the Victorian Government to develop an Integrated Transport Plan for Melbourne’s West – one that will allow for comprehensive planning at a local level to maximise the economic, environmental and efficiency benefits of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link.