Brimbank House - A Home for Council and Community


We're seeking your feedback on the proposal to name the Brimbank Community and Civic Centre building “Brimbank House".

We're seeking community feedback on the proposal to name the Brimbank Community and Civic Centre building “Brimbank House".

Chair of Administrators John Watson said that “Brimbank House” has the necessary gravitas for such an important civic asset while also embracing the strong sense of community that makes Brimbank such a great city.

“This is a once in a generation project that is being delivered for the Brimbank community and as a Council we believe the building requires a name that will stand the test of time.

“Brimbank House cuts the jargon, quite simply the building is referred to as a ‘house’. By definition a house is a building for human habitation; a building for any purpose and building in which a deliberative body meets.

A Home for Council and Community
“Like our community, the name is inclusive. “Brimbank House” denotes its purpose simply and eloquently - a home for Council and community.

“’House’ is also a name commonly used to refer to buildings that are owned by a government authority.

“With tenant partners also occupying the new building, “Brimbank Community and Civic Centre”, is a very long title which doesn’t accurately reflect the full suite of business and services available under the one roof.

“The Victorian Registrar of Geographic Names has provided Council with in principle support to proceed to community consultation on the proposed name.

“While this is no guarantee or acceptance of the name, it is an important step forward in confirming a relevant name for the new facility.

Have Your Say
Have your say on the proposed name by making a written submission via our Have Your Say page.

“Community feedback on the proposed name is requested until 2 June 2016.

“Following community consultation a report will be developed to be formally considered by Council before then seeking a request of name change by the Victorian Registrar of Geographic Names.

“The new building is progressing well and expected to be open by mid-late year.

“The $52 million community and civic centre project includes the consolidation of Council offices as well as a new two-level library and community meeting spaces. A range of spaces are also available for tenant partners.” Mr Watson said.

As a key feature in the municipality, the centre should be named in accordance with the Geographic Place Names Act 1998 and the Guidelines for Geographic Names 2010 (version 2) (the Guidelines).

The proposed name has also been assessed by Council officers and is compliant with Council’s Place Naming Policy.