Brimbank maintains opposition to expansion of Ravenhall tip


Brimbank City Council is continuing its appeal against the expansion of the Melbourne Regional Landfill at Ravenhall, arguing the need for the State Government to invest in modern, low impact ways to dispose of metropolitan waste.

Mayor of Brimbank Cr John Hedditch said: “The continuing reliance on old fashioned waste disposal methods such as monster landfills is the root of the problem as these methods result in significant environmental and amenity problems for the people around such facilities.

“Victoria needs to look to the future and find innovative sustainable alternatives to landfilling. This will not happen if tip expansion is approved for decade upon decade. Extending the life of the Melbourne Regional Landfill till 2038 will hold Victoria back.”

Application to VCAT Filed

In April this year, Council filed an application at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal for review of the EPA’s works approval of the southern portion of the landfill site.

Cr Hedditch said: “On behalf of our community and the west, Brimbank had called on the State Government to do the right thing and reject a plan to extend a rubbish tip that already has existing problems.

“Council was extremely disappointed when the Minister for Planning recently granted planning approval for an expansion of the Melbourne Regional Landfill, even though this was for a lesser expansion than the tip operator wanted.

“Council is continuing its appeal to VCAT to review the landfill expansion. In line with the best advice on how we can present the strongest case, we will fight the tip expansion on the grounds of addressing waste policy and the impact on market availability of alternative waste technology.

Alternative Tech Should Be Available

“We are concerned the expansion of the Melbourne Regional Landfill will prevent alternative waste technology from being established and available for Brimbank and other municipalities to utilise.

“Why hit the delay button when there is proven technology available around the world that can be used here in Victoria? The environmental and financial costs will only increase the longer the decision to use alternate waste technology is put off.

“Brimbank supports Melton City Council’s efforts to contest the expansion on grounds relating to odour and other amenity impacts. These are stronger grounds for Melton City Council or other nearby landowners who are right next to the landfill,” Cr Hedditch said.

Seeking State Govt Investment

Brimbank Council is also actively seeking the State Government’s immediate investment in sustainable resource recovery and waste treatment as an alternative to landfill expansion in Melbourne’s West.

”As we’ve said before, this investment should be funded through the Victorian Sustainability Fund, which has raised approximately $400 million - substantially paid for by local government through the landfill levy.

“Brimbank will write to the mayors of the western region metropolitan councils seeking support for a regional advocacy campaign. We plan to put out a joint call to the Victorian Premier and Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change to accelerate funding and investment from the Sustainability Fund into sustainable recovery and innovative waste treatment technologies that offer viable alternatives to landfilling,” Cr Hedditch said.

In May the MAV State Council endorsed a resolution to advocate with the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change in relation to the landfill levy distribution. Council will write to the Municipal Association of Victoria to seek an update on the status of this resolution, which is important for the local government sector.