Brimbank moves against dumped syringes


Brimbank Council is taking action against increasing numbers of discarded syringes.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Margaret Giudice said Council is determined to combat the rising numbers of discarded syringes found around the municipality.

“Dumped syringes are a problem we don’t want in Brimbank.

“As part of our drive to keep Brimbank clean and safe, Council cleansing patrols regularly pick up syringes thrown in public places and we also respond to call outs from our community to retrieve syringes spotted around the municipality.

“Lately we’ve found the number of dumped syringes is rising, which is very disturbing. We need to find out what’s causing the increase, so we can deal with it effectively,” Cr Giudice said.

A Notice of Motion was tabled at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 15 May 2018, asking for Council to receive a report at the August Council Meeting, analysing current trends and issues relating to discarded syringes, as part of a broader study into alcohol and other drug trends and issues. The report will also present recommendations on how Council can coordinate and improve its response to discarded syringes.

In moving the motion, Cr Lucinda Congreve said Council wanted to make sure it was tackling the problem of dumped syringes as effectively as possible.

“We know Brimbank has a growing issue with discarded syringes. Any needle or syringe that is discarded unsafely is a clear danger to our community, and will not be tolerated. Our community is rightly concerned about the problem, and so is Council.

“We’re especially concerned about the rising numbers of dumped syringes we’re finding around our City in high traffic areas.

“Of course we’re doing our best to keep syringes out of our streets, parks and places. But we also need to find out why more syringes are being used and dumped, so we can tackle the root of the problem.

“Council needs to work with and understand how we can get other responsible authorities, such as the Victorian Government, and community health and other service providers to pitch in more effectively to keep Brimbank safe from dumped syringes.

“We look forward to getting more information on this issue so we can come up with workable solutions that will help keep our community safe and healthy,” Cr Congreve said.

Anyone finding a discarded needle or syringe is asked to report the exact location using the the Report Litter, Street Bins and Dumped Rubbish form on Council’s website, or call Council on 9249 4000.