Brimbank Parks are a Winning Formula


Brimbank was awarded the prestigious From Plan to Place - Transforming the Public Realm Award for its Creating Better Parks.

Brimbank City Council has been recognised as a leader in planning and innovation at the Awards for Planning Excellence in Melbourne on Friday 6 November.

Brimbank was awarded the prestigious From Plan to Place - Transforming the Public Realm Award for its Creating Better Parks – Open Space and Playground Policy and Plan making it the fourth award Council has received for this project.

Creating Better Parks also won an Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) Planning Award in 2008. Ardeer Community Park and Alice’s Playspace at Errington Reserve, St Albans have also won awards from the AILA and Parks and Leisure Association respectively.

Significant Achievement
hair of Brimbank Administrators Mr John Watson said “this award is a significant achievement and is further recognition of Brimbank as a leader in planning excellence. It’s been great to see such a major transformation of the park network in the area.

In the seven years since adopting Creating Better Parks, 83 parks have been upgraded in the Brimbank area at around $20 million, including the five flagship parks, and there has been a significant increase in usage of all spaces.


Making Something Great Even Better
Brimbank are currently in the final stages of updating the Creating Better Parks policy in order ensure an up-to-date vision for the future upgrades of the park network.

The process has involved consultation with 700 members of the community on the impact and gaps associated with Council’s delivery of the policy and plan since 2008, followed by a broader comments and feedback session with a further 300 community members.

“We were keen to hear from as many people as possible to ensure the policy and plan update reflects the feedback and ideas of the community that this plan was created for.

“We are not proposing to change the fundamental program and hierarchy. Rather we want to revisit this document and look at some of the functional aspects of the park network and consider what gaps there may be,” Mr Watson said.

In addition to the Creating Better Parks policy, Brimbank also adopted a Walking and Cycling Strategy in 2008 and a Greening the West strategy in 2013.