Brimbank Votes - Interviews with Neighbouring Mayors


As part of our lead up to Brimbank Voting in October 2016 we've asked mayors from neighbouring councils about their experience in local government. First up is Mayor Kathy Majdlik of Melton City Council.

Fast Facts: Mayor of Melton City Council, Kathy Majdlik

  • Councillor for Cambridge Ward
  • Has served twice as Deputy Mayor
  • Elected Mayor in 2012/2013.
  • Lived in the City of Melton for 17 years

The most important quality/skill needed to be a successful Mayor/Councillor?
It’s important to want to genuinely help the people in your community, to have the heart of a servant and give of yourself, your time, your talents and your life experience. Overall, you need to truly care about making a positive difference to those around you.

The most rewarding aspect of being a Mayor?
It’s a great honour to represent the City of Melton. As Mayor, there are so many opportunities to meet wonderful people in our community, people I might not have had a chance to meet otherwise. It’s always a pleasure!

The most memorable and rewarding part of my job is conducting the Australia Citizenship Ceremony. I find this very moving, as I always imagine my (late) parents making the decision to become Australian citizens many years ago. They did so to take advantage of the many opportunities this great country offers and to truly become part of our great and diverse community.

It is because of my parents that I’m able to have the wonderful opportunity of being elected Mayor for our great municipality and I will always be grateful to them for that!

The most challenging aspect of being Mayor?
Working within the restrictions of time; there are always residents & community groups wanting to meet with the Mayor, so it can be a challenge to juggle commitments.

And working within the restrictions of budgets; including Council, State and Federal budgets. Some of our most pressing local needs fall outside the scope of Local Government. For example, train stations are the responsibility of the State Government, which can be confusing for some residents. However, Council does still advocate for these services.

What first motivated you to enter local government?
My passion has always been in helping people!

I have a child with a disability and I wanted to advocate and make a difference for people living with a disability.

I also strongly believe in having strong female influence in leadership roles within the community. Females are the backbone of the community and have a lot to offer.

I also had (and still have) great support from my husband. He initially encouraged me to give local government a try and neither of us have any regrets.

But my interest is in making our community a better one, for our children, our youth, families and seniors. The City of Melton is fantastically diverse and I am privileged to be in a position to help shape our future with six other dedicated Councillors.