Brimbank welcomes EPA Victoria’s latest community update


Brimbank welcomes EPA Victoria’s latest community update regarding groundwater contamination in Sunshine.

The EPA has been investigating groundwater issues in Sunshine since 2014. This includes undertaking testing of groundwater, and vapours in soil and in the air from 2015.

The latest community update is to advise the community that the EPA issuing a clean-up notice on AGCO Australia who are the owners of Massey Ferguson; the former Massey Ferguson site in Sunshine being confirmed as the source of the contamination.

There is no cause for alarm, this is another positive step in using environmental controls to manage contamination from former land uses.

These controls are standard practice in developing suburbs where there may be contamination cause by former uses.

Brimbank's History of Manufacturing

Brimbank like many parts of inner Melbourne, and the western suburbs generally, has a long and proud industrial and manufacturing history. With that history though, comes an industrial legacy from a period when environmental standards were far less rigid that what we have in place today.

Like EPA Victoria, Council is keen to better understand contamination issues and put in place environmental controls to protect and enhance the health, wellbeing and safety of our community.

Council has been very active already introducing an Environmental Audit Overlay which applies to identified sites in Sunshine, where it and EPA, has assessed that potentially contaminating uses may have taken place, or land is likely to be affected by contamination.

Managing the Past for Today

While we cannot undo the industry practices of the past, which allowed for the contamination to occur, we can manage these issues to ensure they do not impact on our day to day lives.

This careful and considered approach to protecting human health has already occurred in many inner city suburbs when a period of significant redevelopment occurred like is happening in Sunshine now e.g. the previously heavily industrialised Richmond/Collingwood areas.

Council has a cooperative working relationship with EPA Victoria and will continue to support the Authority in its management of groundwater contamination issues in Sunshine as the area continues its exciting redevelopment phase.