Brimbank welcomes vision for 50,000 jobs


Brimbank Council has acknowledged WoMEDA’s vision for the west’s heartland centre of Sunshine, which calls for long-term planning and investment to create an additional 50,000 jobs for the western region area. 

The discussion paper ‘Sunshine, Daring to be Great’ was launched on 25 November by the West of Melbourne Economic Development Alliance (WoMEDA), chaired by former premier Steve Bracks.

Brimbank Mayor, Cr Georgina Papafotiou acknowledged the discussion paper’s vision to create more jobs for the growing west.

‘Council welcomes the discussion paper’s focus on rejuvenation and opportunity for the west and Sunshine, and WoMEDA’s call for more investment and development in Sunshine.

‘More investment and development in Sunshine and more jobs for the area is also a key priority for Brimbank Council.

'In October Brimbank Council launched its 2020 Transforming Brimbank Agenda which outlines how we can leverage the major investments coming to Brimbank, to create job, education, health, environmental and fairness outcomes for generations to come.

‘The Transforming Brimbank Agenda built on the foundations of Council’s Response Strategy that was adopted by Council in June 2019.

‘Like the ‘Sunshine, Daring to be Great’ vision, our Transforming Brimbank Agenda and the Response Strategy also recognise the need to leverage development off the planned Melbourne Airport Rail and its use of Sunshine as a key connection hub.

‘We know building the Melbourne Airport Rail with a stop in Sunshine at a new Sunshine Super Hub, connecting regional and metro trains, will strengthen Brimbank and the entire West of Melbourne.

‘Sunshine is set to become the capital of Melbourne’s West. With our direct linkage to the Melbourne Airport, it will be the gateway to metropolitan Melbourne, regional Victoria, and beyond,’ Cr Papafotiou said.

Council’s Transforming Brimbank Agenda and Response Strategy are about leveraging the infrastructure investments and Sunshine’s new priority precinct status to enable Brimbank to become the capital of Melbourne’s west, and provide new opportunities for not just Brimbank, but the wider North West and regional Victoria including Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo.

‘As Brimbank transforms, we want jobs to lead the way. Brimbank’s Jobs Agenda provides a pathway to leverage the Super Hub and $10 billion Melbourne Airport Rail investment, to create a legacy of jobs for our growing region.

‘We believe the Super Hub and the development of the wider Sunshine precinct can provide jobs for decades if not generations to come.

‘That’s why Brimbank is calling for the creation of a new Business, Jobs and Skills working group, to leverage training and employment opportunities for our community and the wider west,’ Cr Papafotiou said.