Brimbank's Garage Sale Trail wins award


Brimbank City Council has won the 2019 Next Door Community Engagement Award after its hugely successful Garage Sale Trail program.

The organisers of the national event selected Brimbank from over 140 councils. They commended Brimbank City Council for the outstanding ways in which it went above and beyond in their commitment to reuse, sustainability and building better, stronger communities.

Nationally more than 400,000 people took part in more than 25,000 garage sales, keeping literally millions of kilos of unwanted items out of landfill.

Judges said that Brimbank stood out for the creative, committed and energetic way in which it embraced the program.

Brimbank Mayor, Cr Georgina Papafotiou said the event encourages the community to rethink what they waste through the simple act of buying and selling at a garage sale over one weekend in October.

‘Brimbank’s Garage Sale Trail was held on 19 and 20 October with more than 2400 people involved. Even more impressive, each garage sale on the trail saw an estimated 500 kilograms of items save from landfill. There were 450 sales and stalls held in Brimbank. That’s up 145 per cent on 2018.

‘A big thank you to all involved who helped make this year’s Garage Sale Trail such a success both locally and nationally.

‘And good news, the Garage Sale Trail will be back in 2020 on October 17 and 18,’ Cr Papafotiou said.

Residents can pre-register at