Brimbank's Hidden Gems: Keeping local history alive


We have a wonderful rich history in Brimbank and are fortunate to have five local historical societies and friends groups keeping our history in order.

Brimbank’s local historical societies and related friends groups do some amazing work and are dedicated to preserving, collecting, researching and interpreting historical information and items.

They also help to promote and advocate the importance of heritage development, maintenance and enhancement of Brimbank’s historical sites and protect its legacy.

Our local historical societies and friends groups are made up of interested community members who are committed to preserving the heritage of the Brimbank municipality and beyond.

Their shared goal is to assist future generations understand and appreciate Brimbank’s heritage.

Members are not only passionate about history; they volunteer their time and energy to keep our rich history alive.

Council values their efforts and recognises that the management and preservation of Brimbank’s significant historical sites, buildings and artefacts is kept in the best of hands.

For many years there’s been a long standing relationship between local historical societies and Council and we now have a Local Historical Societies Support Policy in place for us to work together productively and strategically. It also keeps us on track to ensure these valuable relationships are sustainable into the future.

Council helps support local historical societies through arrangements including annual grants and in kind support such as storage space, maintenance, provision of venues for meetings, use of public buildings for consultation and promotion of events.

If you’re interested in getting involved to help preserve Brimbank’s history, contact details are available on the Brimbank Libraries website.