Brimbank’s War on Waste – a shout out to ‘Stop the Rubbish’


We're getting tough on waste, clamping down on illegal rubbish dumping in a bid to clean up our local streets.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Margaret Giudice said it’s time to ‘Stop the Rubbish’ and Council is shouting out to the community to help keep Brimbank clean.

“You could say, this is Brimbank’s War on Waste and just like the mind blowing television series, we’re set on making changes at a local level.

“We don’t want our City spoiled by illegally dumped rubbish that puts a blemish on the municipality and imposes a cost on residents and ratepayers to clean up afterwards.

Dumping Costs Ratepayers Money

“Council received around 4,800 reports of illegally dumped rubbish and littering last financial year. Each year we have to spend about $700,000 on collecting and disposing of rubbish dumped across Brimbank.

“These are alarming rates and as a responsive Council we are continuing to take steps to reduce illegal rubbish dumping in Brimbank, and to keep this issue top of mind in the community.

“Brimbank residents are proud of their city and the presentation of their neighbourhoods and Council has made great progress over the last few years to improve parks, beautify main streets, provide extensive street planting and ensure ongoing quality urban renewal.

“As a strong and vibrant community, we’re not prepared to have Brimbank spoiled by disgusting dumpers who trash our neighbourhoods.

Zero Tolerance: We'll Prosecute!

“Council has a zero tolerance approach to illegal rubbish dumping and littering and has authority to prosecute offenders. The consequences for not acting responsibly are significant and offenders can be served with an infringement or prosecution in the Magistrates’ Court.

“To date, Council has been successful in a number of prosecutions and a recent example includes an individual who dumped about six square metres of rubbish; consisting of concrete, rocks, metal and other materials on a road in Brimbank and was convicted and fined $7,650.

“Yes, we’re having some wins with the implementation of Litter Deterrent Cameras, but we can still do more.

“As a Council, we are dead set serious about cleaning up Brimbank and in response to this issue we’re launching the ‘Stop the Rubbish’ campaign.

Watch for the Stop the Rubbish Slogan and Act!

“The community can expect to see the ‘Stop the Rubbish’ slogan around the City.

“But this campaign means more than words – it’s about taking action to stop the rubbish in Brimbank – and the community, in conjunction with Council, can be instrumental in bringing about positive change.

“As a community member, you can help by reporting any incidence of illegal rubbish dumping to Council at or call 9249 4000,” said Cr Giudice.