Bringing home learnings on how to leverage Brimbank's big opportunities


Brimbank Council recently met with keynote urban and transport renewal authorities in NSW as part of a two-day study tour, to learn how they’d taken advantage of opportunities and challenges similar to the ones Brimbank is facing.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Lucinda Congreve said Council’s focus was on exploring best practice proactive design, place making, integrated community benefits, infrastructure investment, in the context learnings for the Sunshine Super Hub and North-West City Deal.

“Over the next 15 years we’ll see unprecedented investment in our City from several transformative projects like the Sunshine Super Hub, the Melbourne Airport Rail Link and the North-West City Deal, to name a few.

“Sunshine has also been identified as a Priority Precinct and a National Employment and Innovation Cluster by the Victorian Government. This means more development in and around Sunshine and St Albans to create more jobs and more services.

“With all this investment in our City, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to drive positive outcomes and opportunities for our Brimbank community.

“We knew Sydney and Western Sydney had experiences we could learn from. Over a two-day period, we had non-stop meetings with a range of NSW councils and organisations to discuss how they’re leveraging some significant projects. These included the Sydney Airport Rail Link, the councils who were engaged in the Western Sydney Deal, Sydney Council at the Green Square Precinct, and the multibillion Barangaroo urban renewal project, which is one of Sydney’s largest urban renewal project.

“A big thank you to every organisation that shared their learnings with us - the Sydney Airport Rail Link Company, Sydney City Council, Hawkesbury Council, Blue Mountains Council, Wollondilly Council, Fairfield Council, Camden Council, Campbelltown Council, Liverpool Council, Western Sydney Airport, Penrith Council, Parramatta Council and Bank West Stadium.

“A particular thank you to Liverpool Council, Penrith Council and Parramatta Council, each of whom provided us with an outstanding opportunity to be briefed and tour their local communities and see firsthand the urban renewal challenges and opportunities they have experienced in recent and coming years.

“We’ve returned with invaluable learnings about place revitalisation, such as the Mascot Precinct and the Green Square Precinct which were developed around the Sydney Airport Rail Link Stations.

“These are key learnings for us in the context of the Melbourne Airport Rail Link and the job and transport opportunities it offers us, and will shape our approach to the Sunshine Priority Precinct development opportunities and challenges.

“We’ve learnt how Liverpool Council is leveraging the opportunities from the Western Sydney City Deal and its health, education and innovation precinct, particularly through the construction of a new Western Sydney Airport. This is especially useful as Brimbank is a neighbour of Melbourne Airport, and will have the new Airport Rail Link come via Sunshine.

“It was very interesting to learn how Parramatta Council successfully positioned itself as the second CBD in Sydney in NSW through visionary, collaborative and effective advocacy and engagement. Parramatta’s approach leveraged geographical, transport and visitor economic advantages that have helped assert the city as a business and jobs hub for the west.

“This is relevant to Sunshine, which has the same opportunities to be the gateway to the broader western metropolitan region.

“Council will apply the NSW learnings to the big opportunities and challenges offered by the Brimbank transformation, to drive positive outcomes for our city and community,” the Mayor said.

More information

Projects that Council was briefed on in NSW on 18 and 19 September included:

  • The Sydney Airport Rail Link- job and precinct opportunities and challenges created from the Airport, to Mascot and Green Square.
  • Sydney Council’s approach to strategic planning at Green Square
  • The major urban rejuvenation at Barangaroo, especially regarding social procurement
  • The Western Sydney Deal, and the benefits, opportunities and challenges for the councils involved
  • How Liverpool, Penrith and Parramatta Councils have each advocated and responded to urban infrastructure and transport investment.