Planning Services

General Planning Advice

All enquiries are handled at Brimbank Community and Civic Centre, 301 Hampshire Rd, Sunshine.

Planning related enquiries, including:

  • A property you own or wish to purchase for development potential (e.g. unit development)
  • Subdividing your land, or land you wish to purchase
  • Operating a business from home
  • Occupying a commercial or industrial premise for a particular type of business
  • Building from scratch or extending a building
  • Erecting or displaying business signs or other forms of advertising
  • Planning legislation and interpretation of the Brimbank Planning Scheme
  • Information on planning zones and overlays
  • Information on whether your property is covered by heritage controls
  • Restoring, altering or extending your heritage house.

Planning Zones and Overlay Controls

Use the State Government’s free service to find out what zone or overlay affects your property. Over the phone, we can only provide general information about zones and overlays. For a fee we will provide written advice on zones and overlays (see below).

Planning Property Information Requests

Use our Planning Advice Application Form to:

  • Confirm if a planning permit is required for a proposed use, a change in use, or a development (including signage)
  • Obtain advice on what zone or overlay affects your property
  • Obtain advice or guidance on interpreting the Brimbank Planning Scheme or other planning legislation
  • Obtain advice on any other planning related enquiries.

Use our Copies of Planning Permits and/or Endorsed Plans Application Form to:

  • Search the planning history (including permits etc.) of a site
  • Obtain copies of permits and endorsed plans (or other decisions) of a site

A fee is charged for this service, which you can see on page 3 of our fee schedule. Lodgement options are specified on the Apply for a Planning Permit page.

Information on Current Planning Permit Applications

Do you want an update on your current applications? Try these options:

  • Contact the planner responsible for your application
  • Contact City Planning
  • Speak to a planner at Brimbank Community and Civic Centre, 301 Hampshire Rd, Sunshine.

Discussing Your Proposal Before Submitting to Us:

You can meet with a Senior Planner (a Pre-application Meeting) to discuss your proposal if it's a:

  • Multi-unit development of 10 or more dwellings
  • Heritage application
  • Industrial development where development costs exceed $2 million
  • Commercial development where development cost exceeds $1 million.

Prior to the meeting you must provide:

  • A copy of title
  • ‘Draft’ plans
  • Any other information to support your proposal.

You can get preliminary advice from our team for all other proposals by

  • contacting us on 9249 4000
  • visiting Brimbank Community and Civic Centre, 301 Hampshire Rd, Sunshine; or
  • by employing your own Planning Consultant.

Demolition Advice

You can request advice on whether you need a planning permit to demolish, or other demolition requests, via our Demolition Request (Clearance) Form A.  Lodgement options are specified on the Applying for a Planning Permit page.