General Heritage Information

Heritage Places and Precincts

The Brimbank Post-Contact Heritage Study 2007 provides a history of the municipality, as well as citations on individual heritage places and precincts. This history of our municipality provides a background and the reasons why we consider some places as having heritage importance.

Use the Brimbank Heritage Database for information on individual properties and precincts.

Heritage Information and Services

Find out if your property is located within a Heritage Overlay under the Brimbank Planning Scheme by:

If you’re planning works or development to a property within a Heritage Overlay, please contact our Heritage Advisor for advice:

  • Phone: 9249 4606
  • On: Tuesdays between 9.30am and 1.30pm.

Access our Heritage Design Guidelines to help with your proposal.

If you need a Planning Permit, visit our How to Apply for a Planning Permit page.