Apply for a Building Permit

A Building Permit is written consent from a registered Building Surveyor. It:

  • Certifies that your plans have been checked and that they comply with Building Regulations
  • Indicates the main stages of building work that must be inspected to ensure compliance with the approved drawings
  • Provides for a final inspection to determine whether the building is suitable for occupation.

If you need a Building Permit use our online Request a quote for a Building Permit form.

Please note: even if a building permit is not required for some minor work, the owner of a building or land must still comply with building regulations.

You might also need a planning permit for your proposed building work (including fences, antennas, masts, carports, garages and the removal of vegetation).

Before commencing any building works, alterations, additions or demolition work, we suggest you check to see if you require a permit. You can do this by contacting Building Services: