How to Apply for Consent for Works within a Council Road Reserve

If you want to conduct any work in, on, under, or over a road reserve, you may need to get consent from us.

You can apply online for a Works within a Council Road Reserve.

Our Register of Public Roads lists roads that Council has deemed to be "local access" or “declared arterial” roads. This list will help you identify if you need to apply with us or with VicRoads.

Unsure who to get the consent from

  • Is the property address classed as an arterial road although the works location is on a local Road? Then that’s us.
  • Alternatively if the property address is classed as a local road and the works are taking place on an arterial road then you’ll need to apply with VicRoads.
  • Still not sure? Please contact us on 9249 4000 or alternatively via email.

Essential Application Documentation

  • Description of work – plans showing the location of proposed works detailing all assets.
  • Current Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance with a minimum of $10M. Must be valid to cover the period of works.


  • Works in the nature strip only
    • 50 km/hr or lower - $91.70
    • 60 km/hr or higher - $359.30
  • Works in the Council road reserve (road, footpath, crossing)
    • 50 km/hr or lower - $359.30
    • 60 km/hr or higher - $659
  • Utility company works ONLY – ‘minor works’ on road pavement and with ‘traffic impact’
    • $142.20
  • Utility company works ONLY – ‘minor works’ on nature strip and with ‘traffic impact’
    • $91.70
  • Are you connecting to the Council pit or pipe?
    • An inspection fee of $85.40 is payable.

Important Information prior to proceeding

You must immediately stop works and contact Engineering Services if:

  • You have stated you are working on the ‘naturestrip only’ however it's been identified you'll need to access the road reserve, footpath, or other Council asset.

No works are to start until you have received written confirmation that a Consent has been issued. This receipt for payment is not your Consent.

Time frames for Consent to be issued

  • Minor: 2 business days.
  • All other: 10 business days.

Once a Consent is issued rectification works must be completed within 60 days of the issue date unless otherwise notified. In both instances stated penalties ‘may apply’.