Stormwater Connection to Council Pit or Pipe Application - Online Form

When an applicant has applied for a Stormwater legal point of discharge and the stormwater discharge point (connection) is to the Council pit or pipe within the property boundary or on an Arterial Road, this application form is to be completed with a fee of $85.40 (per connection).

Once this application has been completed, the applicant is then required to contact Engineering Services on 9249 4430 to arrange for an inspection once the connection to Council pit or pipe is prepared (24 hours notice is required).  Please note, if the inspection fee is not paid, we cannot make the booking.

If stormwater connection is on Council’s road reserve (e.g. kerb and channel, drainage pit) please apply for Consent for Works within a Council Road Reserve.

Still unsure which consent you require, please contact us on 9249 4000 or alternatively via email.

Drainage responsibilities

Read the Council and private property drainage responsibilities document for more information on

  • legal point of discharge
  • drainage maintenance responsibilities
  • your responsibilities
  • Council responsibilities
  • easements.

Application fee

  • $85.40 per connection

To apply you will need:

This form takes about 5 minutes to complete.

We recommend using Chrome as your web browser. If you use Safari, make sure you have the latest version installed before completing the following online form.

When uploading documents please make sure the file title includes the name of the document and the address of the property e.g. Title 301 Hampshire Road Sunshine, Plan 301 Hampsire Road Sunshine.

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Address is not a Council road in Brimbank so you cannot proceed.