CCTV cameras switched on in St Albans


New CCTV cameras installed in selected locations of the St Albans Town Centre were switched on today as another initiative to improve perceptions of safety in the town centre.

(Pictured left to right Sam Agricola, President of St Albans Business Association; Brimbank Mayor Cr Margaret Giudice; MP Natalie Suleyman, Member for St Albans; Dallas Normington, Acting Superintendent North West Metro Region, Victoria Police).

Brimbank Mayor Cr Margaret Giudice said that the CCTV installation was part of a wider program to improve and develop St Albans Town Centre as an exciting, attractive and welcoming place to shop, study, work, live and visit.

“St Albans is one of Brimbank’s vibrant and multicultural centres of which we’re very proud and Council is working to enhance the town centre, its amenities and ambience.

“Improving safety perceptions in the area is an important focus for both Council and the community, and we’re working to do this in partnership with Victoria Police, the St Albans Business Association, local businesses and other key stakeholders,” Cr Giudice said.

Where are the new cameras?

The CCTV cameras are located in St Albans Road, Main Road West and West Esplanade, St Albans Road, Princess Street, Main Road East and Alfrieda Street, with the footage relayed directly to Keilor Downs Police Station.

This is the first time public CCTV is being installed in the town centre outside of the St Albans station.

“The CCTV camera system is expected to help Victoria Police address crime in the town centre, by deterring unwanted activity and helping the police to detect and apprehend offenders.

“Brimbank City Council has worked closely with Victoria Police and the St Albans Business Association to deliver the St Albans CCTV project,” Cr Giudice said.

Funding Boost

The project was funded by a $250,000 grant from the Victorian Government's Department of Justice’s Public Safety Infrastructure Program to Council. Brimbank Council also committed about $67,000 for the project.

The cameras are owned and maintained by Council. Victoria Police is responsible for the footage, which will assist Victoria Police in responding to local incidents along with supporting investigations and collecting evidence.

Other Council initiatives to improve safety perceptions and encourage more pedestrian movement and business patronage in St Albans include under veranda lighting improvements, as well as lighting in laneways and at the rear of buildings.

Art murals have also been created to reduce graffiti, and Council is working with private property owners to clean up their properties.