Register Your Child for Kindergarten

You can register your child for kindergarten as soon as they’re born by talking to a Brimbank Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Nurse.

They will register you on our system, and we will contact you in the year before your child starts kindergarten.

Registration is based on criteria in the Brimbank Kindergarten Registration Policy.

If you are unsure of your registration status, you can register for kindergarten online (this will take approximately 15 minutes to complete):

What you need to apply

  • A scanned copy of the child’s birth certificate, passport, visa or immigration document
  • Proof of residency in Brimbank
  • Health Care Card/Pensioner Concession
  • Preferred kindergarten location
  • Additional needs or support documentation
Your child' date of birth Three year old kinder Four year old kinder
1/5/2017 - 30/4/2018 * 2022
1/5/2018 - 30/4/2019 2022 2023
1/5/2019 - 30/4/2020 2023 2024
1/5/2020 - 30/4/2021 2024 2025
1/5/2021 - 30/4/2022 2025 2026
1/5/2022- 30/4/2023 2026 2027

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