Come on over! Brimbank’s plan to attract high-profile festivals


More high-profile and regional festivals will be invited to Brimbank under Council’s new Festival and Events Policy and Strategy 2018-2021 – which seeks to bring a greater offering of events to the West.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Margaret Giudice said the Policy – adopted at a recent Council meeting – would also continue support to local festivals and events through Council’s Annual Community Grants Program.

“Festivals and events bring colour and vibrancy to our communities – they bring people together and help us to celebrate our rich and diverse cultures and shared experiences.

“Brimbank Council recognises the important role that festivals and events play in creating a vibrant, harmonious and welcoming community.

“This policy outlines the ways that Council will support the development of a vibrant Festivals and Events Program for our Community – including festivals and events organised by Council, as well as community-led festivals, and bringing high-profile events to Brimbank,” Cr Giudice said.

The Festival and Events Policy and Strategy outlines Council’s role in sourcing and promoting suitable event locations, including outdoor and indoor locations, and Council facilities such as the Bowery Theatre – which opened in St Albans last year.

Under the Policy, Council will also continue to play an important role in producing civic events (such as Australia Day, NAIDOC, and Citizenship Ceremonies) and key community events and festivals (such as The Brimbank Writers and Readers Festival, Carols at the Castle, and the Brimbank Seniors Festival).

Council adopted the Festival and Events Policy and Strategy 2018-2021 at its 21 August Ordinary Council Meeting after receiving positive community feedback on the draft policy and strategy.

Council has continued funding to support festivals and events through the Community Grants Program in Council’s Annual Budget 2018-2019.