Community Braves Weather to Save Local Habitat

Over 60 people, including some from Greensborough and Dandenong, braved a winter morning to plant 1000 wildflowers, reeds, trees and shrubs along Jones Creek on Saturday 20 June. The planting was part of Brimbank Council's Jones Creek's ongoing restoration.

Plants, Plants and... More Plants!
Although it was a chilly 12 degrees and blowing a gale, the volunteers soldiered on to plant

  • 500 wildflowers into critically endangered grasslands;
  • 200 trees and shrubs to create habitat along Jones Creek; and
  • 300 reeds for river health and frog/bird habitat.

The Common Froglets making a racket in the creek, the swan and white-faced Heron flying were testament to Jones Creek improving health.

Community and Council Working Together
Brimbank Administrator, Jane Nathan, thanked all of Brimbank's ‘Friends of' groups in helping and caring about the local environment's health. Volunteers and council working together have created a mosaic of habitat – from reeds and rushes along creek edge through to trees and shrubs along wet creek corridor graduating to grasslands further away from creek.

Check out Brimbanks’ Environment Event Calendar to get involved and help Brimbank’s natural environment through community action.


Swap Cards and Book Launch
Apart from the planting, there was the launch of a series of swap cards and a children's book.

Many of the children managed to shirk their planting responsibilities when "distracted" by Roberto the Connie who was giving out collector swap cards. 

Afert the planting it was off to Iramoo Grassland Education Centre for the launch of Pimelea and her Grassland Friends.