Community satisfaction sets a benchmark

Brimbank has participated in the annual Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey coordinated by the Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning.

Brimbank Mayor Hohn Hedditch said that the results provide a benchmark the new Council will seek to raise in their four year term.

“In the seven key service areas: overall performance, community consultation, advocacy, making community decisions, sealed local roads, customer service or overall direction Brimbank’s score was the same or higher than the state-wide average.

“Across the 23 service measures, Council’s results remained fairly consistent with what had been achieved the previous year.

“Drilling into the more detailed service results, we did see significant improvements in satisfaction with arts centres and libraries and in environmental sustainability.

Customer Service and Waste Management

“The Brimbank community also continued to rate customer service and waste management highly.

“Over the past twelve months there were significant changes at Council, including the return of elected representatives, relocating staff to the Community and Civic Centre, moving the Sunshine and Keilor libraries and temporarily closing Keilor Customer Service.

“Given these significant activities it isn’t a huge surprise we didn’t see an overall trend of increasing level of satisfaction.

Community First Approach to Guide Improvement

“With our new community first approach and with a new draft Council Plan we sincerely hope to use this feedback and improve community satisfaction across the board.

“Looking closely at the report, areas that need our attention include population growth, traffic management and lobbying, where we scored lower than the state-wide average.

“Advocacy has certainly become a key theme of this Council and our community can expect to see more work in this space.

“The same can be said for population growth, and Council is also calling on other levels of government to help us meet increasing demands for community infrastructure and services.

“With a limited income because of rate-capping it is becoming more and more challenging to deliver to the expectations of our community.

“We will do our best by being open and engaging the community in decision making.

“We welcome these results as providing an insight into the needs and expectations of our community and we look forward to working together for a brighter and better Brimbank.

The survey was conducted via telephone between February and March this year and included a representative sample of the community.