Community to get voice in activity centre zone


Brimbank City Council has taken action to ensure the community has a voice in planning decisions in the Activity Centre Zone that applies to the Sunshine Town Centre.

Council has adopted Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendment C195 to change notification provisions and give the community an opportunity to object to future planning permit applications in central Sunshine, as well as to apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal for review of Council planning decisions.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Margaret Giudice said that the change was undertaken in line with the Council principle of ‘Community First’.

“The elected Council believe the community should be given the right to have a say regarding applications that may impact on them.

“Our community told us it wanted to be notified of any proposed developments in the Activity Centre Zone, particularly in the areas that adjoin residential neighbourhoods..

“After a public consultation process, Council has decided to adopt Amendment C195 to the Brimbank Planning Scheme.

Notice of Development Near Residential Areas

“Amendment C195 will require property owners and or developers to give notice of certain planning applications made under the Activity Centre Zone within 30 metres of residentially zoned land.

“Community members will also gain the right to object to such future developments or apply to the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal for review.

“The changes will also benefit Council, as issues raised by local landowners or residents can inform Council planning decisions, including requiring additional conditions that may address these concerns,” Cr Giudice said.

Amendment C195 relates to applications within the Activity Centre Zone to subdivide land, construct a building or carry out works on land within 30 metres of land which is in a residential zone.

Amendment C195 was released for public consultation from 28 August to 2 October 2017 and Council received one submission in support.

Council’s next step is to send Amendment C195 to the Minister for Planning for approval.

The current notification provisions in the Activity Centre Zone maintain the default provision to exempt third party notice and review rights when development complies with the planning scheme. It does include notice and review provisions for developments that exceed the maximum preferred heights proposed in the Sunshine Town Centre Structure Plan 2014.