Community Gardening in Brimbank

Image of children holding vegetables with a headline that says A Guide to Community Gardening in Brimbank.

Growing food can help improve food security, promote healthy eating, increase physical activity, build community connections and enhance opportunities for sustainable living.

‘A Guide to Community Gardening in Brimbank’ is a useful resource for residents and schools interested in growing and expanding their knowledge on sustainability and gardening.

Whether you’re growing at home, growing at school, considering joining a community garden or starting a community garden, we’ve collated the resources you need to get going. 

Gardening at home?

Would you like to grow fresh, healthy food at home but don’t know where to start?

Whether you have a balcony, small courtyard or large backyard, this guide will help you tap into easy to follow resources on gardening in Brimbank.

Want to get involved in community gardening?

Have you ever wanted to grow your own food and plants, meet other people, form meaningful connections with others and be part of the local community? 

If you’d like to grow produce with others and share it in your local area, consider joining or volunteering for a Community Garden.

There are several established community gardens listed in the guide that you can contact or visit for more information.

Want to start a Community Garden?

Starting and maintaining a Community Garden does take work and you will need help in getting it off the ground – that’s where ‘A Guide to Community Gardening in Brimbank’ comes in!

The guide provides plenty of tips on how to start a new garden, including what to consider to get you going and which organisations to tap into for specific information.

Know a school that wants to get the most of gardening projects?

Growing food in schools helps children understand where food comes from, learn life-long skills in composting, caring for plants and creating healthy nutritious meals.

This resource includes a section specifically for schools so they can get the most out of their gardening projects.

Download the guide:

Read the media release on the launch of this guide.