Transport Accident Commission (TAC) L2P Program

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) L2P Program is a community-based program developed to assist eligible young Victorian learner drivers between the ages of 16 and 21 years (and in some circumstances, up to 23 years) who do not have access to a supervising driver, or an appropriate vehicle gain driving experience required for a probationary license.  

The TAC L2P Program is funded by the TAC, administered by the Department of Transport and coordinated by Brimbank Youth Services.

It matches eligible learners with a vehicle and fully licensed volunteer mentor driver to help learners gain driving experience.

Before being matched with a volunteer mentor and throughout the course of their L2P driving journey, participating learners have access to several free driving lessons with a professional driving instructor. This helps learners build their skills through the four stages of the Graduated Licensing System before getting on the road with a volunteer mentor. 

  • Stage 1 - Basic car control
  • Stage 2 - Quiet streets
  • Stage 3 - Complex traffic
  • Stage 4 - Rehearsing solo

With a specific focus on reducing Victoria’s road toll, the TAC L2P program focuses on helping young people become safe, confident drivers.

It also provides an opportunity to interact with positive adult role models, gain confidence and move towards social independence.

Volunteer mentors also have opportunities to connect with other mentors within their geographical region.

There's no charge to be part of L2P. All costs and insurances are covered by the program.

Program eligibility

Learners need to meet the following criteria:

  • be between 16 and 23 years old
    (please note applicants between 21-23 are only considered under special circumstances)*
  • hold a current Victorian learner’s permit
  • not have access to a supervising driver and/or an appropriate vehicle **
  • live in Brimbank*.

If you’re accepted into the TAC L2P Program as a learner, Brimbank L2P will be responsible for your participation and ongoing advice. 

* In some circumstances, we will consider applicants up to 23 years of age, or outside our Local Government Area. Please contact us for further information. 

** There are several factors that determine if a vehicle or supervising driver is appropriate. If you’re unsure, you can contact us on the number below.

Becoming a L2P Mentor

The TAC L2P Program doesn’t just benefit learner drivers. In joining the TAC L2P Program, volunteer mentors work with and are responsible to Brimbank L2P who will work with you and provide opportunities to directly help a young learner driver and connect with the community.  

We have a full training program to ensure you’re well prepared to mentor a learner driver and understand your role as a supervising driver.

Learners participating in the program also have access to free driving lessons with a professional instructor to build their skills before getting on the road with a volunteer mentor.

Volunteer mentors need to meet the following criteria to be considered for the TAC L2P program:

  • be over 21 years of age
  • hold a current full Australian driver's licence
  • have a satisfactory driver license history report
  • be medically fit to drive (we may discuss this further through the application process)
  • not be currently working as a professional driving instructor
  • can commit approximately 2-3 hours per week.

As part of the application process you will be asked to provide*:

  • a valid (volunteer) Working with Children’s Check
  • a satisfactory National Police Check

* We can help you apply for these if required.

Apply to be part of the program

To be considered for the TAC L2P program, learners and volunteer mentors must complete an application form and undergo an assessment.

The way to apply is through your myVicRoads online account.  The application form can be found on the ‘Licences & Learner Permits’ menu.

Once the application form is received, we will be in contact to go through next steps. 

Referring learner drivers to the program

A learner driver can be referred by a community agency or school. We ask that you support the learner to submit an application using the above process, and then make the referral using the L2P Learner Referral Form.

Contact us

Brimbank  L2P
Brimbank Youth Services
PO Box 70 Sunshine 3020
9249 4214 or 0418 312 710