Council adopts revised strategy to manage industrial land


Brimbank Council has adopted a revised strategy to ensure that Brimbank’s industrial areas thrive and continue to provide employment opportunities.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Lucinda Congreve said the Industrial Land Strategy 2018-2023 re-establishes a policy framework to guide the management of industrial land in Brimbank.

“Brimbank has the second largest area of industrial land in Melbourne’s west, with about 2083 hectares. This means Brimbank’s industrial land is a significant asset for both the State and local economy, with nearly half of all jobs within Brimbank located within industrial zoned land.

“The strategy will ensure that Council continues to manage industrial precincts in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner, so that they continue to be an important source of employment and economic opportunity for Brimbank and the western region.

“Council wants to ensure that this land remains commercially viable, and provides economic, employment and investment opportunities.

“We also need to drive enhanced environmental outcomes in these areas, and ensure that Brimbank’s industrial land contributes positively to the safety, environment and amenity of Brimbank,” Cr Congreve said.

The strategy sets out Council’s vision for its industrial precincts and a framework plan which includes a series of objectives and strategies under key themes of planning; urban design; economic development; infrastructure; environment and compliance and enforcement. It seeks to encourage and facilitate investment and renewal by establishing a clear planning policy framework.