Council Advocates to Stop the Tip


Mayor of Brimbank, Cr John Hedditch is calling for the expansion of the Ravenhall tip to be stopped.

“On behalf of our community and the west, we call on the State Government to do the right thing and reject a plan that would triple the size of a rubbish tip that already has existing problems.

“Brimbank Council and our community are absolutely against the expansion of this tip.

“We believe this massive expansion will pose very real potential risks to our community, and to the west as a whole.

“An expansion that would triple the size of a tip that already has problems is just asking for trouble.

“It is a no brainer that the expansion of the Ravenhall tip must be stopped.

Brimbank's No Dumping Ground

“Brimbank and the west should not be used as a dumping ground anymore,” Cr Hedditch said.

In 2014 Council had objected to the application in the City of Melton for the expansion of this tip.

Cr Hedditch said the existing problems associated with the landfill including the odour; number of trucks driving through Brimbank to access the tip; issues being caused by the increasing numbers of birds being attracted by the tip; and dust must be resolved before any expansion can even be considered.

Community Right to Clean Environment

“Our community has a basic right to clean air and as a good neighbour Cleanaway’s number one business priority must be addressing the problems that are currently caused by the site before planning for future expansion.

“Recently I visited the site and it really hit home, just the sheer scale of this monster tip with its planned 50 meter high capping located in such close proximity to residential areas, the prison complex and the Caroline Springs Railway Station – the detrimental future impacts are very real,” he added.

“Although we are not the responsible planning authority for this application, we know many Brimbank residents are worried about amenity issues associated with the landfill, which we take very seriously.

“Our main concern is the environmental performance of the operation of the site. It is essential that EPA guidelines are met and that a best practice framework is applied to minimise amenity issues.

“The basic fact is that the site is not operating as well as it could be and Council would want a greater degree of confidence that these serious amenity impacts will be resolved before any expansion is even considered,” Cr Hedditch said.

The Ravenhall Landfill site is approximately 1.5 kilometres from residential buildings in Brimbank.