Council calls for action to protect community from airport noise


Council is calling on Melbourne Airport and the Commonwealth Government to take action to address aircraft noise and possible health impacts associated with the Melbourne Airport expansion and planned third runway.

Brimbank Mayor, Cr Georgina Papafotiou said Council is continuing to advocate strongly.

‘Council has been advocating for our community’s best interests across a range of airport infrastructure projects and issues for some time now, and even has an MOU with the Airport to work on a range of opportunities and community issues.

Our 2020 Transforming Brimbank Agenda outlines how Council can leverage the major investments coming to Brimbank, to create job, education, health, environmental and fairness outcomes for generations to come.

“An operationally viable Melbourne Airport is an important part of the mix. Melbourne Airport contributes significant economic benefits to Brimbank, and directly employs a large number of Brimbank residents – with these benefits expected to increase as the Airport expands.

‘But there are also issues that need to be carefully managed, and such as noise impacts on local residents as a result of flight paths over significant areas of Brimbank.

‘With Melbourne Airport having decided to change the orientation of the planned third runway to a north-south alignment, we’re now calling for early action to mitigate any possible health and noise impacts from airport operations.

‘Council takes very seriously the implications that a north-south runway alignment could have for the amenity and wellbeing of our community particularly for residents under the flight path, people using community facilities located under the flight path, or students in the area.

‘We’re keen to work with Melbourne Airport to identify potential measures to mitigate impacts on our community, and we encourage the Airport to look at best practice solutions from across the globe,’ Cr Papafotiou said.

A Notice of Motion was tabled at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 10 December 2019 expressing Council’s continuing concerns with airport noise and possible impacts on the Brimbank community.

Mover of the motion, Cr Virginia Tachos said Council is calling for Melbourne Airport and the Commonwealth Government to implement measures to address potential impacts of the planned third runway and Airport expansion.

‘Our community is telling us it’s concerned about aircraft noise, as well as a range of other issues. Council too has concerns about the potential health impacts of aircraft noise on anyone beneath the flight paths.

‘We expect the new north-south runway alignment would have a significant impact on Brimbank, particularly for Keilor, Kealba, Sunshine North and parts of Sunshine. And this is in addition to St Albans, Keilor Downs, Calder Park, Keilor North and Keilor already being impacted by aircraft noise associated with the current runways.

‘Council will be writing to the Commonwealth Government as well as Melbourne Airport to flag our continuing concerns and ask for real outcomes that will respond to the issues raised.

‘It’s crucial that any planning for the new third runway considers the health impacts associated with it, particularly aircraft noise, especially for people that live to the south of Melbourne Airport.

‘One of our key asks is that data on noise and health impacts associated with the development of the third runway be released early, before the public exhibition for the Major Development Plan for Melbourne’s third runway.

‘Council also wants the Commonwealth Government to develop a national noise and noise abatement framework that responds to community concerns about increasing noise.

‘We’re also keen to understand how Melbourne Airport will communicate and consult with our residents on these critical matters,’ Cr Tachos said.

Council will also promote the ExPlane app to the Brimbank community to enable people to measure and submit their individual aircraft noise results to the app.