Council calls for stop to "dodge-em cars" at Perth Ave Albion


Brimbank City Council is calling for traffic lights to be installed as a priority at the busy Perth Ave and Ballarat Road intersection in Albion to improve the safety of residents and visitors.

Brimbank Mayor, Cr John Hedditch said the intersection was a hazard and needed to be made safe.

“The Albion community is fed up with having to play ‘dodge-em cars’ to cross into Ballarat Road.

“Drivers don’t want to be putting their and their families’ lives at risk when they exit Perth Ave.

“The fact is Albion residents have no controlled intersection from which they can access Ballarat Road to head towards the city.

“Putting in traffic lights at the intersection of Perth Avenue and Ballarat Road would provide that controlled access, and make it safer for drivers. Traffic signals here would also help pedestrians to cross Ballarat Road safely.

“We have been talking about this to our community, and I can say that people here are extremely concerned about the safety of this intersection.

Council Advocates to State Government and VicRoads

“Council is advocating strongly for the State Government/VicRoads to install these traffic lights because we need our community to be safe,” Cr Hedditch said.

Ballarat Road, and its intersection with Perth Avenue, is on the declared arterial road network and under the care and management of VicRoads. This includes the funding of traffic signals.

“Last November Council received a petition with 193 signatures from the Perth Ave Traffic Lights Action Group.

“Our community asked Council to support the proposal that traffic lights be installed at the intersection of Perth Ave and Ballarat Road to improve the safety of residents and visitors in Albion, including the Perth Ave shopping area.

“It is clear that we need traffic lights at this intersection as a priority.

“The introduction of traffic lights at the intersection is in line with Council’s own vision for the area, as expressed in the Albion Neighbourhood Plan 2013,” Cr Hedditch said.

Past efforts by Council and community members to raise the signalisation of the Ballarat Road and Perth Avenue intersection as a priority for the area with VicRoads have been unsuccessful.

“Council will be advocating strongly for our community on this matter and we’ll be asking the Minister for Roads and Road Safety and the Chief Executive of VicRoads to consider this proposal,” Cr Hedditch said.