Council continues with Brimbank Planning Scheme review


Council is continuing its review of the Brimbank Planning Scheme, informed by feedback regarding community land use and development priorities gathered through the Plan Brimbank consultation game that ran earlier this year.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Giudice said that Council has successfully completed the important stage of consulting the community on land use and development issues and priorities, and will continue its work to review the Brimbank Planning Scheme.

“Council has been working its way through a process of reviewing and updating the Brimbank Planning Scheme, which guides land use planning and development in Brimbank.

“Getting our community’s priorities on land use and planning was an essential part of this process, and will help inform Council’s future strategic work program.

“I’m pleased to say that there was an extremely good response to the recent Plan Brimbank consultation, with 1902 participants providing feedback.

“The community feedback tells Council what the most important issues are for our community, and it has been reassuring to note that our community and the Council appear to see the future of Brimbank’s land use and development priorities through similar lenses.

“The findings of the Plan Brimbank community consultation generally reinforce the directions and proposed future work program that was identified in Council’s Brimbank Planning Scheme Evaluation Report 2017,” Cr Giudice said.

Delivering community priorities

The report outlines some of Council’s key planning and development focuses, which will help deliver on the community priorities for land use and development in Brimbank.

As a next step, Council officers will continue to update the policy content of the current Municipal Strategic Statement, to reflect the strategic and policy development completed over the past five years.

This work will be carried out in consultation with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to ensure Council is meeting the expectations of the State Government’s new Smart Planning Process.

Under some recent state government changes to planning in Victoria the State Planning Policy Framework will be replaced with the Planning Policy Framework (PPF), and the Municipal Strategic Statement with the Municipal Planning Strategy.

A completed draft of the local Planning Policy PPF content is expected in early 2019.

Under the Planning and Environment Act 1987, all councils are required to review their planning scheme every four years.