Council cracks down on dumping by rogue operators


Mayor of Brimbank, Cr John Hedditch has declared that rogue operators who think they can dump waste in Brimbank need to think again.

Mayor of Brimbank, Cr John Hedditch has declared that rogue operators who think they can dump waste in Brimbank need to think again, because illegal land uses will not be tolerated within Brimbank.

“An angry Brimbank community is saying enough is enough. We have had enough of illegal dumping in Brimbank. Rogue operators are not welcome here, and Council won’t hesitate to take enforcement action against anyone who flouts the law.

“Our community wants a Clean Brimbank – and Council is committed to doing its best to make sure that the Brimbank we love continues to be in even better condition for our future generations than it is today.

“Dumped rubbish is an issue that we have been cracking down on for a long time. It is an unwanted problem that imposes a substantial cost on the community. Council spends about $550,000 each year on the collection and disposal of dumped rubbish and litter, which is money that could bebetter spent on other services for the community. Dumping of contaminated or potentially contaminated materials takes this problem to a whole new level, one for which we have zero tolerance,” Cr Hedditch added.

“The community have told the new Council that it wants to see the authorities given more powers to act decisively against rogue operators who spoil our city. The community also wants much harsher penalties introduced by the Victorian Government and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to deal with such illegal dumping.

“Heavier fines, seizing of rogue operators assets, laying criminal charges, deregistering builders and waste disposal firms guilty of rogue behaviour – these are just some of the many suggestions that community members have made to Council.

“Council supports these ideas in principle, and will advocate strongly to the Victorian Government that these powers be enacted, to help deal with the widespread problem of dumping.

“From Council’s perspective, it is also important that we reinforce our capacity to deal with dumped rubbish and illegal land uses on behalf of the community. Our goal is to ensure that the Brimbank we know and love is not spoilt by unscrupulous dumpers,” Cr Hedditch said.

Council is constantly seeking ways to improve detection and enforcement in order to keep Brimbank clean and safe.

“Most dumping tends to be in industrial areas or on isolated vacant land. The recent incident in which contaminated waste from a Carlton pub was dumped in Cairnlea was particularly concerning because this happened in a residential area. Council will not tolerate this illegal behaviour,” Cr Hedditch said.

“I am pleased to say that good progress has been made in ensuring the Cairnlea site is cleaned up. Council has assisted the EPA with its response to ensure the illegally dumped asbestos material was removed, and to make sure that there are no impacts to the community.

“We expect to hear very soon that a clearance certificate has been issued, which is a final confirmation that the site has been appropriately cleaned up. We will organise another community drop in session soon, to share an update. Council is also exploring legal options to seek penalties and prosecution against the rogue operator for this dangerous behaviour,” Cr Hedditch said.

Community members can do their bit to keep Brimbank streets and neighbourhoods clean by reporting any incidences of illegal dumping to Council immediately on 9249 4000.