Council determined to ensure Derrimut secondary schooling needs are met


Brimbank Council will advocate strongly for the secondary school needs of the Derrimut community to be met, and also support and encourage community-based advocacy.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Lucinda Congreve said Council’s research had thrown up disturbing findings about how serious the need was for more secondary schooling options in Derrimut.

“We looked into this matter because our community flagged the lack of secondary schooling options in Derrimut as a massive need.

“Our research shows there is a serious lack of secondary school options in Derrimut – this absolutely confirms local parents’ concerns. There is a clear shortage, and the State Government needs to act.

“Our community has been saying there is a need, our research now proves it, and we’re going to share that with our community and get some action going.

“Council will hold a Community Education Forum for Derrimut residents. We want to share our research findings and to support our community to take action. Community-based advocacy will be a powerful force, and Council is determined to equip our community with the tools they need.

“The biggest problem right now is that Derrimut students have a long way to travel to get to high school because there are limited local options.

“Even worse is the schooling shortfall we’re looking at. The Derrimut school population will likely double in the next five to 10 years. But these children will have nowhere to go if nothing changes because the current secondary schools that serve Derrimut and neighbouring suburbs will not be able to meet the growing need.

“Research shows a disturbing potential shortfall – basically it shows around 2,400 children may not have a local school to go to by 2028, based on existing enrolment capacity.

“That’s totally unacceptable. Every child has a right to a public education and to being able to access that education at a reasonable distance from home. Our research showed many students travel an hour to school by bus – that is not reasonable or acceptable.

“Council will advocate strongly for changes to ensure Derrimut residents are able to access public education in Derrimut now and into the future.

“We’ll also support the Derrimut community to advocate for better public transport and access to government education for their children now and into the future,” Cr Congreve said.

Actions include seeking regular and ongoing meeting with the Education Department, and writing to key stakeholders. This includes the Minister for Education, the Hon. James Merlino MP, the Minister for Suburban Development, the Hon. Marlene Kairouz MP, and the Minister for Public Transport, the Hon. Melissa Horne MP, and other key Ministers, stakeholders and advocacy groups.

Council will also seek meetings and more open discussion on future planning for secondary school education provision, to ensure Derrimut residents have equitable access to public education.