Council interested in live streaming meetings


Brimbank Council is interested in exploring options to live stream its meetings, so that people unable to attend can watch online.

Brimbank Mayor Cr Margaret Giudice said Council was interested in live streaming as a way of boosting transparency at Council Meetings and engaging the community.

“This Council is committed to governing in a transparent manner, and to encouraging our community to be involved and up-to date on Council decisions.

“The door is always open for people to attend Council Meetings. But we understand that people’s work or family commitments can make it hard for them to come along.

“Streaming a meeting would mean anyone who has an internet enabled device can get access to Council decision making and debate on issues that affect them.

A Notice of Motion was tabled at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 17 April, calling on Council to receive a report at the May Council Meeting, outlining the options available to livestream or podcast Council Meetings to the public, to provide greater transparency of and access to Council’s decision-making on behalf of the Brimbank community.

In moving the motion, Cr Congreve said that live streaming of Council meetings would help make Council decision-making more transparent for the community.

Making Council Meetings Accessible to All

“Council needs to provide accessible, accountable and transparent government for our community. We also need to ensure that our community is included and informed about the decision-making process.

“Bringing Council meetings and decision-making to people in their own spaces, in their own time would help the community keep informed on Council decisions and understand why Council makes the decisions it makes.

“It is about transparency, accessibility and community inclusion. We are elected to represent our community and the community has a right to be able to see what’s taking place in the Council Chamber even if they cannot themselves come along to the meeting itself.

“Live streaming or podcasting Council Meetings would help our community members to catch up on what’s been happening and stay in the loop about key decision-making on matters that affect community members.

“I look forward to our Council getting more information on all the options available to live stream or podcast Council Meetings to the public,” Cr Congreve said.

A Report on the live streaming options will be presented to the Ordinary Council Meeting in May.